Magic Kingdom - if this isn't crowded... (PART 2)

Here you are part 2 of this magic kingdom update!!
First of all, if you haven't checked out PART 1 of this update, please do so before viewing part 2!!
Now, let's continue our journey through a sea of people:

It was morning, so Pirates of the Caribbean only had a 20-minute wait:

New railings near the Jungle Cruise:

... that had a 20-minute wait (not bad at all, but after it became 60 minutes...):

The Adventureland Veranda was open:

It was red inside:

The Adventureland Veranda menu was pretty unusual:

Over at Tomorrowland, this was the queue for Stitch's Great Escape:

Look here:

Come on! This is an omnimover, so the queue shouldn't be that bad:

It is:

75 minutes to wait here, guys!:

Mmmm... Space Mountain's wait time doesn't look so bad... I see 20 minutes:

Sorry, it was 120 minutes!!:

A very nice shot of the incoming train (I recorded the new spiel, that I will be posting later):

Our friend Austin Ray (of was right. These ugly things will be used to project images on the castle, beginning next year:

Some Next-generation queue construction photos:

Exiting the park, after a very busy day:

What a day!:

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TO SEE PART 1, PLEASE CLICK HERE! Don't miss it, as there are many more photos to see!!


  1. Wasn't there some show in the diamond horseshoe with goofy

  2. I noticed some interesting peek-a-boo angles on the construction while riding the train last week. Nothing that can really be seen in a photo, but would show nicely in a short video... you might want to consider such.

    And the crowds. My goodness the crowds. Went 2 years back over the Christmas holiday and was horrified, went last year at Thanksgiving, swore I'd never go back at the holidays, went this year on Christmas Eve to MK, and am honestly considering backing out of ever going during a peak again as this was the worst crowds yet. But even then, still had a great time, just not as good as it could have been.

  3. Every now and again, we talk about going for the holidays. The next time someone suggests we go for Christmas, I will remember these photos.

    It looks like crazytown!

  4. Thanks for the comments, everybody!

    @Anonymous: Yes, there used to be a show inside the saloon, called "Goofy's Hop-de-doo Musical Revue" that was unfortunately discontinued some years ago. Now, the saloon is used only during peak times (like this one) as a restaurant (no show).

    @graveslids: Thanks for the advice! I noticed that too, but taking pictures from the train is pretty difficult, so as you said, a video should be better...

  5. They could AT LEAST try to hide those ugly projection boxes. They are very unsightly, especially for a place like Disney

  6. The projectors are ugly but the castle is going to be beautiful at night with them in use. I just hope they could some how use them during Wishes.

  7. Wow! Even I have to say I've never seen it this crowded. I don't think July gets like that... (Well maybe the 4th) Still really crazy, I have to praise the fact that you went that day cause it looks insane!!

    Did you go on any rides? Did you did the regular line or Fast Pass?
    How much you waited?

    Those people who are amazed at how many people there was, I think really shouldn't. We need to face the facts:

    1- Americans go on almost not vacations if any at all.

    2- They like to go on those weekend long vacations. 2-4 days long and since a lot of them are on vacation what a nice way of getting kids to shut up about never going to Disney...

    3- More importantly, even that insanely crowded, is Christmas in Disney after all...

    But I do think that if you do decide to go you shouldn't be bothering your party and others by complaining. After all is Christmas at Disney!! You decided to go so sh...!!

  8. Yes, this is the busiest time of the year, so people should be aware of this doing a bit of research before going to the parks. It's absolutely true that these are the only few weeks that people can go on vacation (because of the school break), but maybe they could arrange another time (maybe spring break, which is still a bit crowded, but not as much)...

  9. @ Francisco: You are entirely correct that people should not complain about the crowds if they know what they are in for. If I came across as complaining I was not, it's just a bit to take in the press of humanity as one moves through the park. That said, I also abhor being in large crowds, but as we go to see family that lives in FL, and as it taking the kids to Disney @ Christmas time, I'll tolerate the crowds, just won't try to ride everything as it becomes a logistical impossibility in one day.

    However, if time allowed, and we could make the trip without having miss alot of work and school, I'd go at the end of January. My wife and I went then right after getting married and it was tantamount to having the park to yourself, no lines whatsoever! I think the longest we waited for anything was 5 minutes for Small World, walked right to the loading area for anything else. And unfortunately it has colored every experience since as that is my recollection of a Disney trip.

  10. Very nice comment, graveslids!!
    I agree with you, this is not the right time to visit. After January 3rd though, it's going to be wonderful once again!

  11. What do you people's the busiest time of year! I just laugh at people that complain about the crowds during the Holidays, the summer and Spring Break.

  12. @graveslids- I really wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the people which complain in/around the parks or further more in the queues or any other place one needs to hear them, singing the same old song, all day long...

    If you don't like it with all those people that's fine... Even more so if you personally have experienced those type of crowds. I probably wouldn't go either... Unless I wanted to spend Christmas there badly, but I would know that if I were to go it would be insanely crowded and like you said, one has to adjust the plans to what is possible that day. What I don't like is the people that decided to go just to complain all day long!

  13. @Francisco: Gotcha. Wasn't sure if it was directed toward me or not, but wanted to clarify myself just in case.

    As far as the people in the queues, on the last trip I didn't come across anyone making noise about the wait, I think everyone knows just from looking at the reality of the situation that regardless we were all stuck in queue purgatory and just had to wait it out until your turn came. Actually I've had some decent random strike up conversations in the holiday lines, just have to find something to pass the time when they extend the queues for capacity...

  14. Francisco, not all Americans almost take no vacations. I take 3 vacations a year and two of those are to Florida. I take my daughter out of school to travel because she can do the schoolwork ahead of time before we go on the trip. We always go in October and the end of April and the crowds are fine.


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