Is Hyperion Wharf just... the beginning?

Just last week, The Walt Disney Company has announced the project of converting the now-dead "Pleasure Island" into the beautiful "Hyperion Wharf". Could that be just the beginning of an even bigger project that includes a complete renovation of the entire Downtown Disney district?

Here's a rumor, reported by Screamscape:

A Screamscape source tells me that along with the introduction of the Hyperion Wharf concept to Downtown Disney, there are also plans in the works to add a small trolley system to run along the lengthy complex, very similar to what is being added to the California Adventure park. 
    There are likely to be a few other changes as well down at the West End. I’m hearing that House of Blues may be planning to leave Disney property entirely in the future, in favor of setting themselves up off-site in a new location. If this happens, look for Harley Davidson to move into the former HOB digs. Meanwhile the Mouse has plans in the works for the nearby Virgin Megastore building that would see it redesigned as a cluster of smaller high-end shops. I’m also being told that Cirque [du Soleil] is currently planning a whole new show to eventually replace the long running La Nouba show in 2013, around the same time as the rest of Hyperion Wharf, taking advantage of it as the right time to relaunch themselves along with the rest of Downtown Disney.

So, all these project look very exciting. i'm not very sure if I would like to see more Harley Davidson, but that's okay. Of course, all of these are just RUMORS for now, but I hope they will all turn out to be true!


  1. That is awful. If HOB is gone, I would have absolutely no reason at all to go to Downtown Disney. It's the only restaurant there that isn't absolutely awful, both in quality and price. I hope if it happens, the won't go far.

  2. Wonder what they're gonna do with Ridemakerz - I was there on Sunday & it wasn't very busy.

  3. ANonymous... are you serious??? For me it's one of the worst restaurant in DTD, just next to the Planet Hollywood.

    I thank that Cique du Soleil need to lower the price of theyre ticket because are really too expensive.

  4. I would like them to do something in the West side too, but instead of taking away, why can't they just ADD?
    The Virgin Megastore is HUGE. They could easily fit more than 3 or 4 stores there.

    Thanks for the comments, everybody!


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