Another update on Hollywood Studios

This week, DHS has been object of focus on our part as the "Walt Disney: One Man's Dream" attraction has reopened (see our huge update here).

Let's go on a quest to see what's new at the park since our last visit!:

The parking trams with doors have arrived at DHS too:

At the beginning, it looked like a nice evening....

Duffy is at DHS too??:

Hollywood Studios must be the park with the most street entertainment ever:

Down with that hat!:

A nice new Toy Story topiary was put in front of the entrance of "Pixar's place" to advertise Toy Story 3 that recently was made available on DVD and Blu Ray:

This street is full of lights... :

Nothing new here, as usual:

The rain was coming back:

It looks like the spaceship next to Buzz was being refurbished... I don't remember seeing it last time:

Star Tour's photo spot: is still under refurbishment:

You'll have to wait a little longer to see this:

I don't like the fact that they've cut the American Idol showtimes:

The new stars light up at night:

Work has not started yet on the proposed new meet-and-greet:

Hidden Mickey on the Great Movie Ride. Do you know where to look??:

The "Villains in Vogue" shop is rumored to be leaving soon:

Creepy theming:

The Fantasmic Dining package is really popular:

The Rock and Roller coaster was open:

But it had a 50 minutes wait:

While ToT had only a 20 minutes wait:

Some work going on the Tower (sorry for the low quality, but it was dark and rainy):

Just refreshing the facade?:

I don't know how this new sign found at the entrance of the park is considered "useful"..
You already know where you are, right?? And it looks so cheap:

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