Animal Kingdom update

Hello, and welcome to a new update on Disney's Animal Kingdom!
What's new, you may ask? I'm excited to tell you that..... there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING new.

Disney's Animal Kingdom seriously needs help. And a lot of it.
But let's take a look around the park to see if there are new small details:

AK has had doors added to the trams for a long time, and we were the first to report it:

The parade is not available this week. Not a huge loss:

The entrance is really nice:

Of course, it was too crowded as always:

*crickets on the background*

Okay, we got it! There's no parade this week!:

People, people, people:

They're around every corner:


The animals though are simple A-MA-ZING! Look at the colors of this Macaw:

Make way, please:

Oh, here they are!:

The Tree of Life is great:

Characters meet-and-greet:

Did you know that the "Ultra Heroes" comic are from Italy?:

They sure like this kind of t-shirt!:

New retro t-shirt of the park. Epcot's are way better:

The cotton-top tamarind are in their new house!!:

For now they're caged so that they don't go away:

Look at the Lion King sign:

It says there's a show at 6.00 p.m., while the park closed at 6! There were the "Extra Magic Hours, so they made an additional show, but this just confuses the general public!:

I can't stand this area:

The only remaining reference to Beastly Kingdomme is still covered by the foliage:

The waiting area for the old "Pocahontas and her forest friends" is now a...

What a waste of space:

These are nice though:

Poor Donald:

The "theater" is showing "The Festival of the Lion King":

Inside the Creature Comforts shop:

The magnificent EVEREST! I love it!:

At Rafiki's Planet Watch:

It was full:

Very nice entrance:

And we close with this great owl!:

See you later!!


  1. Well how about that sarcasm from your part! Wow. I love it!

    Isn't that walk to AK's entrance the longest walk in Orlando? If it isn't, it sure feels like it especially when exiting AK and your really tired...

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to check out the other parks like AK and DHS that don't get much attention as far as photo updates. Everythings always MK and Epcot, so its definitely nice to see someone update on the other parks as well, even if the changes are minor.


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