New Fantasyland update PART 1

New pictures of the Fantasyland Expansion from above the wall, all for your enjoyment!

BONUS! This update includes some of the first photos of vertical construction of the Beauty and the Beast's building!!!:

The tea cups are closed for refurbishment:

The roof is being refurbished (and possibly, completely removed and replaced by a brand-new one:

It really shows its age:


Work continue on the Tomorrowland Speedway:

Also, work is well underway on Winnie the Pooh's queue:

The Little Mermaid building is being built at the speed of light!!
They may finish it even before they complete the work on the facades of Main Street!
Seriously, they're doing a magnificent job:

What's this? The Beauty and the Beast building!!:

I know, it's only the "skeleton" of the building, but... that's it.

Go HERE to see PART 2, with many aerial pictures!


  1. yeah, if main street starts seing ovius updates put up main street updates.

  2. Might as well call it the Wall Kingdom. All I see is countless walls and tarps! I might not go in March unless all these walls tarps are gone!

  3. By march, Winnie the Pooh, It's a small world and (HOPEFULLY!!!!!) all of main Street and Peter Pan will all be tarp-free, don't worry!
    Or maybe, be worried just a little bit...

  4. It's against the rules to go tarpless in the Magic Kingdom.


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