Hollywood Studios update

Today we've got a new Hollywood Studios update, with some minor new details. Let's begin right away:

The entrance of the park, which will become the twin-sister of the new entrance of "Disney California Adventure":

It was packed!:

The stars on both sides of the hat are finally done:

They serve as a backdrop for a new meet-and-greet:

The Toy Story 3 banners have been replaced with new "Tangled" banners:

What is this? And, why advertise it now? It will come out in the theaters in June 2012!:

Mary Poppins:

It's the first time that I see this poster of the "Walt Disney: One Man's dream" attraction:

Walls are down on the Little mermaid too, just to reveal new bushes:

Still closed. Can't wait to see what they've done!!!:

This is cool:

This is not:

Universal's globe:

Star Tours is the same outside:

But there's a giant new sign at the entrance:

This was here before:

I've never noticed this store before:

and it's closed too:

On the Studio Backlot Tour there were a lot of these things:

Maybe they're just used for miscellaneous works inside the park:

New nostalgic merchandise for Hollywood Studios:

The "Laugh Floor" version of the studios:

Fantasmic! is great as always:

Thank you for reading, and please, as we always say, post comments!
We love to hear your persona opinions about the parks, new additions and about our updates!
See you really soon, and have a great day!


  1. I never knew that there was a monsters inc. area! Where is it?

  2. I love your blog! I especially loved reading it when I was over in Orlando for 3 weeks in September! The pictures are brilliant - You are so lucky to be able to live in that part of the world :-)

  3. Thanks a lot for the comment, EVE!!
    And to Anonymous, the Monsters, INC. area is found right near the exit of the Studios Backlot tour.

  4. What day was this Samuele? Cause I see no ghost park today. The thing was full!

    Just as all the times I've gone...

    Good update as always!

  5. Thanks, Francisco! Yes it was awfully full that day (last Thursday) since there were two FANTASMIC! performances...

  6. best mgm update ever


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