Hollywood Studios update (PART 2)

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Here you are PART 2 of this new DHS update:

Sounds Dangerous was strangely "full":

Some more pictures of Sounds Dangerous:

Is something missing here?:


The showtimes of the attraction have been cut down to only 5 daily shows plus a Grand Finally show.
When I asked to a Cast Member why, she told me that there was a cut of the showtimes 'due to a declining number of guests coming to the park':

The new schedule:

The GRAND FINALLY is now at 6:30

Look, it's.... ??:

Look, they are.... WHO IN THE WORLD ARE THESE???:

I love this figure of Donald:

And also this great poster:

Sign missing in front of "Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage":

The wait for Toy Story Midway Mania is always crazy, but don't always trust this sign... To me, it said there was a 140-minute wait, but it ended up being "ONLY" 65 minutes:

"Legends of Hollywood" has already reopened:

Inside the store:

works needed on "Indiana Jones" sign:

That's all for now! And if you haven't seen PART 1, check it out HERE!


  1. Those were 2 of the Little Einsteins from Playhouse Disney.

  2. I heard that the are adding a Muppet whatnot workshop to Muppet-vision 3D. are they, or was that just a bad rumor


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