Electrical Water Pageant

Did you know that there's a parade that has been around the Magic Kingdom for almost 40 years?
No, I'm not talking about a normal parade... It's a water-parade, called the "Electrical Water Pageant".
It runs nightly since 1971, and can be viewed from the Monorail and from all the Disney resort around the lagoon. Here you are some pictures of it:

The barges look a bit dated, but they are still great today!:

Look at it as the "Main Street Electrical parade" on water:

Of course, the number of the "floats" are very limited (around 12):

I like this one:

And the Grand Finally, "A salute to all nations but mostly America" :-)

And, the best way to end the evening? Fireworks from the Magic Kingdom!:

So, next time you go to the Magic Kingdom, or stay on-property (on one of the Disney resorts that have a view on the Seven Seas Lagoon), check it out!


  1. Ehy... wait... do you have some paranormal powers??? Can you read my mind, by thousand of mile so far???

    Yesterday I want to ask you about the floating picture in the middle of the lake behind Magic Kingdom and now, you publish this article???

    As Crush the Turtle is used to say: "That's Awesome Dude!!!" ahahah!!!

  2. That thing is awesome. I saw it for the first time about 5 years ago, and I was kinda mesmorized by it haha.

  3. it is because of this that the ELP was created. Disneyland saw this and said they needed something like it, but without a lagoon they made the parade!

  4. Thanks for the comments everybody!!

    @Bigfoots: Yes, I knew you were going to ask about that! :-)

    @Jerm: Thanks, I didn't know that the MSEP was inspired by it, even though they look very similar!

  5. Does this runs nightly at a set time? Or is it like it runs around and around? Then until what time?

    Thanks for the info I didn't knew that parade existed!

  6. I saw this 6 years ago on my first ever visit to the magic on my very first day it was amazing! Sadly have never seen it on the following 4 visits. What time does it run of an evening?


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