Toy Story Midway Mania update

As you know, Toy Story Midway Mania had just reopened from a two-week refurbishment.
Let's see what has changed! First of all, the exterior has not been touched at all:

On the contrary, the interior looks much better, and all has been refurbished: the props, the floor, etc. :

The floor looks brand-new:

The props are great too:

Some pictures of Mr. Potato (that has not changed, fortunately):

Did you notice the name behind Mr. Potato? Yes, it's ANDY!:

The loading/unloading area has received the most important changes:

New gates now open between the cars, so that Cast Members can't pass in that space:

Here's one of the new security gates:

These new gates are similar to the ones used in the family coasters of SeaWorld and Busch gardens, but they really, really slow down the loading and unloading procedures!!
I hope they do something about this, because the wait time was bad before, imagine this fall, when crowds will return!!! (Now it's about 50-75 minutes, and it's extremely low season!).

On a side note, the newest game (with Trixie and Rex now works perfectly, but that was fixed before this refurb, according to some sources.).

To conclude, Toy Story Mania! is still one of the best rides ever!


  1. I have some questions for whomever wants to answer them. Why does this ride have such crazy waits? I don't think it totally due to popularity. Is it loading? And how much time do you think this new loading procedure will add to the wait? I have only been on this ride once and I haven't gone on since because the waits are insane!

  2. Well, the ride is EXTREMELY slow in loading, but it's also very popular, it great and has FP that is used like a crazy (they always finish before midday!!!) so many things contribute to its long long long lines.....

  3. those gates were added for guest safety reasons. They had several incidents where guests got confusd and they made a turn into the area between cars looking for exit. Some even not noticing that there was a drop.

    The same thg has hapened in California Adventure. Guest did not realize he exit was up the stairs and over the track.
    thi really soud no slow dow loading

  4. The gates have slowed things down! I think between the slow gates, and the lap bars. The Lap bars don't come down by themselves. And after a long night pushing down those lap bars really hurt your neck and back! (for the cast member)So, from a mixture of telling people to put there lap bars down, the slow gates, OH! The continuous fast past lines, (fast past gets priority) that's why the wait is crazy!


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