Murphy doesn't feel very well...

As you may know, Disneyland's version of Fantasmic has recently received a great, fantastic (rather, FANTASMIC!) Dragon audio-animatronic, that looks much better than our dragon here in Florida.
But at least, our's always works.

Murphy (this is the name Disney fans have given to the dragon) seems to have so many problems that it work one day, and then it breaks down for five days. It began to give problems to the Imagineers since it was built.
Indeed, it took several months before they could install it on the island.
But, what about now? After some months, it still works, right? Right??? NOPE!

Here's a video that explains it all:

As you have seen, it broke down once again, and it may will take a long time until they will be able to make it work once again. At first, I WANTED this audio-animatronic to come here in Florida RIGHT AWAY, but now... I'm happy we have the cheaper one. At least, none of our shows is WITHOUT a "real" dragon!
Of course, when they'll fix it and it will not give any more troubles, I would love to see it coming to Florida!


  1. Disco Murphy anyone? It will accompany his friend Disco Yeti very nicely if you ask me :P


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