Journey into Imagination - RIDE OVERVIEW

The Journey into Imagination ride has been completely ruined over the past few years, everybody knows that.
From a spectacular, E-ticket dark ride, it became a lame C-ticket ride.

But, let's see the current status of the ride, including the ride's props and environments:

The building is very nice, it only needs to be cleaned:

The ride itself:

Theming? Nah:

What a cheap-looking set:

One of seven Audio-animatronics found on this ride:

Here it starts to look nice, right?:

And it is:

But, what lies in the back?
A completely wasted, black space:

Again, black:


This part is not as cheap as the rest of the ride:

It's really nice:

Again, the cheap cut-outs:

And the darkness! Seriously, this is all wasted space! come on!:

This is the best part of the ride:

It reminds me of the original version:

Trying to be artsy:

"So, as you can plainly see, Imagination works best when it's set free".
That's true, so, please TDO (Team Disney Orlando), do something about this ride! It has so much potential to become again everybody's favorite, as it once was.
If you leave it in the current state for even more years, well.... that's a shame!
The only thing they should NOT change is the music and Figment! they have to stay, together with  the Dreamfinder! So, what do you personally think about this ride?


  1. I agree. This was among the best at EPCOT until the change. I just don't understand the mouse sometimes.

  2. I would love to have seen the whole thing back in its heyday!

  3. It really is a shame. Disney just doesn't dream as big as it used too. Epcot isn't the park it once was and its not the park it could be.


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