Universal tries Virtual Queue

In the past week or so, Universal Studios has been trying to apply the Virtual Queue (VQ) system to its JAWS attraction. The Virtual Queue system consist in a kind of ticket with a specific color or number that is issued to the people that would like to ride. Then they can go somewhere else (to other rides, or even better for Universal, to shop!) and come back after one hour or so.
This system will allow the parks (in the future) to completely eliminate the stand-by queues.

Here's their attempt of VQ:

The numbers on the sign correspond to the tickets issued before

Well, does this system work? Why don't they apply it in ALL the rides??
It's not as simple as it may sound. While it's a very good system to be able to do other things while you wait for your turn (just like the Fastpass), it can cause some issues.

Indeed, it can create bottlenecks at the entrance of the ride, when groups waiting for the next number begin to line up, creating a "fake" stand-by queue:

And, there's also the problem of the queues themselves.
Would this mean the END OF THE THEMED QUEUES?

I'm very concerned about this, because nobody will wait there, so they may consider right not to theme the queues anymore.

Does this system shorten the lines? Sure it does.

What's your opinion?
Will VQ overcome the original stand-by queues?
Would you like to see that?

Some other parks have been trying this method (namely Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios) so it's only a matter of time.


  1. Do you think that since it would minimize lines so much, They would get rid of Universal Express and Fast Pass at Walt Disney World?

  2. i think it can be applied to some ride but not all. No they wont get rid of Universal Express but maybe fast pass.

  3. They could use some of the existing queue to build smaller queues that are specifically set aside for the next 5 boats (#19, #20, etc...). This would be similar to how a movie theater has different lines for different show times. This would get people, who show up early, out of the way for other guests.

  4. That's a good idea, Pokkito, but i still think that people would line up at the front anyway... You know, so they don't lose the place! :-)


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