Toy Story Playland HD video (1)

Toy Story Playland is a new area that has opened today at the Walt Disney Studios in Paris, France.
Our friends over at DISNEY&MORE have published the first HD video of part of this new area (PART 2 is coming after, according to D&M).

Here's the video, copyright of ALAIN LITTAYE, of Disney and More.

Any comment or opinion regarding this new area?
As of my opinion, I like the theming, but the rides... not a bit. The only one I would like to try is the Parachute drop. The RC racer looks a lot like the typical Pirate's ship and the Slinky Dog's thing is like the Spanish Feria... both found in your seasonal Fun Fair...

Anyway, thanks a lot to DISNEY AND MORE FOR THE VIDEO!!


  1. Fantastic Theming, but its obviously geared towards little kids due to the tame rides.

  2. Yeah, I agree, but the RC racer looks quite thrilling, even though it's not the type of ride I would go on...


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