OSHA fines SeaWorld Orlando

As we reported just a couple of days ago, investigations are still going on about the tragic accident of the death of SeaWorld's Trainer Dawn Brancheau.

Well, it seems like OSHA has decided to fine SeaWorld for failing to keep their security measures.

From Screamscape:

"Just as SeaWorld was coming to the end of their own review process of the animal training procedures for the Killer Whales, OSHA has announced a $75,000 fine to the Orlando park for three safety violations related to the death of a trainer earlier this year. 
    Of course OSHA’s accusations are kind of pointless, as they claim SeaWorld had their trainers interact with “dangerous animals”…. And no duhh… they’re called Killer Whales for a reason. The trainers, more than anyone, are aware of the situation they have strived their whole lives to be in as Shamu Trainers. 
    SeaWorld has responded as the allegations are completely unfounded and will contest the reported violations. “OSHA's allegations in this citation are unsupported by any evidence or precedent and reflect a fundamental lack of understanding of the safety requirements associated with marine mammal care”. 

I agree with what Mr. Lance (of Screamscape) said: even though it's really, really tragic, it was an ACCIDENT, it was neither Brancheau's nor SeaWorld's fault.
And, yes, Killer Whales can be dangerous, but they just say this NOW, after years that they've been doing this? I don't know, what do you think?

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