OOTL: Toy Story Playland preview

The new Toy Story Playland will open soon at the Walt Disney Studios in Paris, but it was briefly open for a special event reserved to the Imagineers and workers that built it.

Here's the news from DISNEY & MORE:

A special preview of Toy Story Playland happened last friday, organised by DLP Imagineering for the families of the workers who built this new "land". As the land opened at sunset for this special evening, you'll see on the videos below the land with night lightings, but you can expect day time videos of TSP very soon - and also longer than the one below.

And here you are some videos of the land (all copyright of CRUMSER):

An overview of the land:

The Parachute drop:

The RC racer:

What do you think? This time I'm not going to add anything more, so that I don't influence your opinion, but please, tell us your thoughts!

Thanks to Disney and More for the informations and videos!

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