MK general update

Here's part 2 of our latest Magic kingdom update

Here you are the photos:

Works are being done on the first waiting covered area (a bus stop):

The Exposition Hall is continuing to receive more works outside:

The inside is being reconsidered:

Before you could go into this area:

I've spotted these magnificent new bricks on the newest side of the Exposition Hall! They look like the ones in Tokyo Disney Sea! I love this texture:

The others have texture too now, but they're different as you can see:

The"Celebrate a Dream Come True" parade was coming, but I didn't even bother to see it:

More works along main Street U.S.A.:

Some pictures of the Tomorrowland Terrace:

The food area is now covered:

And here's a behind-the-scene look:

Some pictures of Space Mountain:

The Starport seven-five logo at the entrance of the queue:

Blurry but nice picture:

Space Mountain's loading area, one of two (notice that it was empty, since it had just reopened after a breakdown):

Space Mountain's unloading area (one of two, since the ride is double):

The post-show is very nice:

Some Space Mountain with the lights on photos (yes, it broke down again!):

Dumbo and its new clock:

This area will become bigger very soon:

Works near the "Hall of Presidents":

The "Liberty Tree Tavern" is still under tarps:

The "Liberty Square Riverboat Landing" was open again after a week or so of refurbishment:

"The Diamond Horseshoe saloon" was open for dinner only (that's strange, since it's usually open only for lunch):

The Frontierland shooting gallery:

"Country Bear Jamboree":

Some small works in front of Splash Mountain:

The great "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad":

My favorite season is beginning!!:

Thanks for following us, and remember once again,


  1. Sam, please get someone to edit your picture comments. I am not sure what the problem is, but the grammer in use is absolutely embarrassing. Your pics are fantastic. Don't take away from the service you provide because of poor grammer.

  2. You misspelled grammar. ^

    I didn't notice anything except leaving off the 'e' in 'the' and 's' off of the Hall of President's' I'm just looking at the pictures more than I am words.

    I think it's fine.

  3. He is from Italy, sometimes the translation is a little off.

  4. I'm sorry about the grammar errors, but as the last Anonymous guest said, I'm Italian, and I strive to write as grammatically correct as possible, but sometimes I miss some mistakes.
    I'm sorry about that... I will ask if anyone would like to be the moderator of the site.

  5. Samuele-This is *your* site, you don't need anyone to moderate it! It is a fine site. I love checking it everyday. Please don't kow-tow to someone who is slamming you for your *ahem* grammAr. I think it is a fabulous site and I love the effort you put into it.

  6. Thank you very much for the comment, Anonymous! I appreciate that.
    Of course, this is an open site, so if someone notices there are some errors and wants to tell me, I'll be very glad to fix them!
    Thanks for following us!

  7. I wouldn't change a thing. You do a great job, and I thank you for offering your pictures and commentary to Disney fans everywhere.

  8. Great job with the site. It's impossible to find sites that update you constantly on construction around Orlando, which is why I find myself checking your blog several times a week. Keep up the awesome job!

  9. Samuele really is not that bad of a deal. There were a couple of mistakes,you probably need to pay more attention, or have someone look them over. But please don't cut the comments they're entertaining and help tell the story. When our first language is or was another, we tend to get a little dyslectic sometimes! But I think that's normal.

    Plus word placement is different in our languages. At least I know in Spanish is. So I'm guessing Italian shouldn't be that far off either. Still good job man! The pics are appreciated and the comments too. (When we can guess what you were trying to say!) No, I'm kidding!!

  10. I think the only 'big' difference between the languages is you always say "works are bing done" instead of "work is being done" as would be said in America.

  11. "being" was misspelled sorry!

  12. Thanks for the comments, Francisco and Anonymous!


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