How The Yeti used to be

How many times have we said in posts of blogs, sites and forums that the current status of the Yeti of Expedition Everest is ridiculous? Countless....

But now, somebody else heard our voices.... unfortunately not Disney.
I'm talking about a new article posted some days ago on the Orlando Sentinel that got to see the current condition of the Yeti... and they were sad too.

The Yeti Figure of Expedition Everest is EXTREMELY COMPLICATED, and when it used to work, it was simply spectacular and terrifying!
Don't believe me? Then watch this video from the Discovery Channel, and at the end of the video you'll see how the Yeti used to be:

So, what do you think? Wasn't it great??
Now... well not so much!

Here you are some parts of the article (TO READ IT ALL, PLEASE CLICK HERE):

Deep inside the 20-story Expedition Everest attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom stands one of the most sophisticated animatronics Disney has ever built: a nearly 25-foot-tall, 20,000-pound abominable snowman powered by hydraulic cylinders with more potential thrust than a 747 jetliner.

And it has stopped working.....

The $100 million Expedition Everest, after all, has been the marquee attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom since opening in early 2006 — and the yeti is supposed to be the attraction’s biggest star.

Disney acknowledges its yeti is no longer working as originally designed. But it would not provide a timetable for repairs.....

“The yeti is a complicated Audio-Animatronics figure whose complex functions have presented some challenges affecting its operation,” said Walt Disney World spokeswoman Andrea Finger. “We purposely took measures in 2008 to reduce unnecessary stress and preserve many of its functions while we studied possible long-term solutions.

“At this point,” she added, “we’re still considering those options.”

Perhaps the greater mystery is why it has not yet been repaired. Disney did at one point try paring down the yeti’s movements, but even limited motion has long since been abandoned in favor of the stationary, strobe-lit version that some critics derisively refer to as “Disco Yeti.”

I'm really disappointed by this!


  1. I loved that ride. If Disney would just bite the bullet and build Beastly Kingdom, they could have alot more time to work on it!

    That's just me and my wild imagination... haha

  2. Ehhhhh... Beastly Kingdomme... will we ever see it become a reality?

  3. Thanks Samu for the footage! Yesterday night i spent 50 minutes at 1 a.m. to watch the complete documentary.
    I think Expedition Everest is one of my favorite ride in one of the most relaxing theme park filled in to the nature!
    I ride it ust 1 time (there was a extremely long queue to ride it) and the train goes so fast that me and my wife didn't saw it!
    After the view of the footage I'm without word. The animatronics is amazing, for the size and for the naturally movement and it's sad that it self size was one of the causes of it's shutdown!

  4. oh.. and thanks again to bring to my attention this fantastic backstage footage! As you know I put it in the Behind the Scene of my youtube page!!!
    I also found a fantastic footage about Tower of Terror

  5. Thanks, Bigfoot! i have to say that EE is really one of the best mountains ever created!!!


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