Universal Studios update (July 14,2010)

Here you are a new update of Universal Studios Florida (a small IOA update is coming tomorrow):

Enjoy as always, and most importantly, please COMMENT!
We love to hear your opinion!:

I have never noticed that you can see the old Hard Rock Cafe' building from the entrance of US:

The Emmy Awards:

Yesterday the parks were full! Both:

Desip... Depsic... ehm, Despicable me:

Still closed!:

And this is abandoned too:

Nice view of the lagoon...

... ruined by these giant globes!:

The Simpsons Ride:

Some MIB pictures:

This scene reminds me of the two skeletons playing chess at MK's Pirates of the Caribbean:

More MIB photos:

Loading bay:

The EXIT area:

Are we alone in the Universe? OF COURSE WE ARE!:

BOO! That's all! Why do they have to keep this stupid, inutile, futile, dangerous, stupid (yes, twice) show???:

Go away!!

Time for a poll:


Some Egyptian stuff, from the Museum of Antiquities:

Sorry, but it's too dark!:

I have never noticed these rails before:


Special tapings:

More Riptide Rockit :-) 

Maybe not everybody loves Lucy... It is always empty:

The new interactive wall at the Hard Rock Cafe':

Thanks for joining us in this new update! Take care!


  1. Wow... amazing... great... fantastic... your report become ever better even when I suppose that the last one was amazing!!!
    I love The Mummy Ride (is the only coaster that my wife ride without feels sick) and especially when the roof goes on fire!!!

    Thanks again for the update!

    Can we candidate your site for the next edition of the Webby Award???

  2. Nice! One quick fix: It's Hollywood Rip RIDE Rockit: http://www.hollywoodripriderockit.com

    We were just there this past weekend & the I Love Lucy theater was packed!

  3. To Bigfoot: Thanks!!! I don't know if I deserve so much, but i really put A LOT of effort in what I do, like it was a job (but I don't get paid...)!
    Thank you for appreciating, and sorry for the few pictures I posted, but it was way too dark...

    To Anonymous: I know, It's HOLLYWOOD RIP RIDE ROCKIT, I just wanted to joke :-) thanks anyway!!

  4. Samu, believe me, you job is amazing, your picture makes me feel like if we are there.
    Your blog is fantastic and communicate to me the great passion that you put in this fantastic project and that's why I think we could candidate your site for a webby.

    I don't know what the other people think about your job, but let me say in name of my family that your report are absolutely great!
    I don't know how to repay for all the time you spend to develop this site but let me tell you that when we will be there in October you have a drink payed, is not much but is a little sign of our thankfulness! ;-)

  5. Thanks, Bigfoots, but don't worry!
    I will be very happy just to know that I helped you to prepare your vacation! That's what makes me happy!
    Thanks again!

  6. I detest the Fear Factor show. I was mad when I found out they brought it back. Seen it once (June 2008), and it was horrible. Ever since then, I had no desire to see it again. It better be gone and replaced with something better by next year.

  7. Isn't that the Terminator building, not the old Hard Rock?

  8. You know why I think it's the old HRC? Because it's circular, but I could be wrong...

  9. I always look forward to your posts. I am coming to Orlando with my family in August. Your posts are a lot of fun and a nice way to keep the kids excited for the trip. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  10. Thank you!! I greatly appreciate and it's a pleasure for me to know that I am building up the excitement for you!! You'll have a great vacation!

  11. The old HRC used to empty into the old parking lot, so it's not a big surprise you can see it from the gate now. What's it used for now?


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