Toy Story land almost done

The brand new land for Walt Disney Studios in Paris is almost done:

photo courtesy of Disney and More

To see some picturesand to read more informations about the new Toy Story Playland, please go to DISNEY AND MORE.

If you have read the Disney&More article, you will see that the theming is good, but the rides are... ugh!! The most horrible I've ever seen for a Disney Park!! A Parachute drop??? An RC "coaster"??? But, most of all, did you see the Slinky dog ride???? I have no words. Good theming, horrible rides.

What do you think? i personally hope they open soon the Ratatouille dark ride. And it has to be great, otherwise the Studios in Paris will sink even more....


  1. I agree, the theming overall is really nice, but the rides are simple and state fair-ish...

    I still don't understand what the slinky dog ride is! A merry-go-round?

  2. The theming is very cute, but, yeah, those are typical Six Flags HUSS and MACK rides. I can't believe any Imagineers created those rides--nothing innovative there. I guess WDS is the new DCA.

    Like Imagineer87, I am wondering what the Slinky Dog ride is? Does it just go around in a circle?

    I think the purpose of the very detailed theming is to hopefully distract guests from the common carnival rides.

  3. Right back at Jen- I agree with your last sentence, distracting the guests, I never thought about it like that :)

    My guess is that people will go explore the area for a bout 2 weeks- (3 max) and realize: "Hey, this isn't worth an hour wait!"

  4. I too agree that the great theming is a way of "hiding" the obvious failure of these new "rides" that are really worthless for a Disney Park!!

    And imagine that the queue line for the RC racer has been designed to sustain a 100-minute queue!!! They think this land will be a glorious hit or they just know that the ride has a very low capacity??

    By the way, the Slinky Dog thing is just a merry-go-round!!! It doesn't go anywhere, just like Dumbo, but it doesn't even fly!!! Really, what a shame!
    Quoting Jen: "I guess WDS is the new DCA".... SOOO TRUE!!


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