Sarasota trip report

Since we recently went on Vacation, i took some pictures of the Hotel and the rest of the area for your enjoyment! Our Hotel was the Ritz-Carlton, a 4 stars hotel which had some low prices because of the Low season. The hotel also had a private beach with swimming pools and a restaurant, all linked with a free shuttle that left every half hour. We had a great time there. Would you like to see some pictures? Here you are!

Let's begin with the room, that was great:

Free water, coffee and tea:

The bedroom:

The view from the balcony:

Another great hotel/apartment complex:

The bathroom:

The hotel's logo:

The basement/game room/swimming pool area:

The courtyard:

The pool:

The beautiful bay view:

More interior theming:

Not far from the hotel, there was a shopping district with some very good restaurants:

Many statues were donated to the city:

Back inside the hotel:

The two restaurants were very good too!:

Some of the many awards they won:

The hotel's restaurant has 4 DIAMONDS!!:

There were also children activities:

Thnaks for viewing, and have a great day!


  1. It looks so nice there! That pool is gorgeous! Is that one statue of Venus?

  2. So you weren't kidding when you said you had lots of pics! That hotel/apartment complex in front looked interesting. In one way it look really nice, but in another look like they couldn't figure out which style to go with, so they did all of them. Lol. It was really eye catching though. Your hotel looked really classy, even if it isn't my personal style. Especially the pool pics, which look just amazing, even more amazing at night!

    Same with the phone not my style, but really cool looking. I like it, this post is different from your others. Thanks for sharing and i hope you had a great time, and now have lots of energy to continue doing your great posts. Thanks!


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