Reflections of Earth upgrades

Just a small news of one of my favorite year-round nighttime shows, Illuminations: reflections of earth at Epcot.
It will be receiving something new. Here's the information, from a WDWMagic forum member which we thank a lot (the non-italic words have been added by me for a better understanding ):

"They will be upgrading the lasers for ROE [Reflections of Earth] next year, updating to solid state lasers and they will add more locations like the islands in the middle of the lagoon."

picture courtesy of the Walt Disney Company. All rights are reserved.

That sounds great! And this may include some other upgrades that will make Illumination even better than it is right now! We'll give you more informations as we find them.


  1. That will be awesome. I love Illuminations but last time i saw it I noticed the lasers where hard to see and there were not enough so better lasers and more lasers will only make the show better!!! Maybe they will update the spotlights to. They are hard to see.

  2. I like this show. Especially when they turn the lights off, and light the torches. But for me what is hard to see is the Earth. It may be that a better spot for viewing is required, from my part. But honestly I know the barge has to be far to launch the fireworks, but I rarely see was playing on the globe...


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