OOTL: Ratatouille dark ride ALMOST confirmed

Do you remember the rumor about a great new dark ride for Disney's WORST theme park? No, I'm not talking about Disney's California Adventure. I'm referring to Walt Disney Studios in Paris (how many thoughts come to my mind! It was the first and only theme park I actually saw on its opening day...)

Anyway, rumors about a new RATATOUILLE dark ride have been really insistent in these months, but the blog Disney&More seems to have discovered something.... NEW!!

Here you are two pictures they have taken near the site of TOY STORY playland (the new area that should be open by mid-August of 2010):

As you can see, on the top of this new arch there's the face of GUSTEAU (the chef that helped Remy)!
And the arch resemble the bridges that are found in the city of Paris:

This is an amazing discovery, and this new, state-of-the-art dark ride would help A LOT the park!!

Thanks to Disney&More for the pictures!


  1. I think it will take more than this to make the studios an attractive park but who knows time will tell.
    Talking about Disney &More if anyone wants a book about Disneyland Paris buy Alain`s book its up there in the top 3 best Disney books ever printed (I dont get anything for the plug)

  2. I completely agree with you in both things you said. WDS needs much more than just one new actually GOOD ride, but that's a start...
    About Alain's book, yes, it's one of the best books ever. Unfortunately though, it focuses only on Disneyland Paris, but it's still great!

  3. I think the whole area needs to be rethemed and the cardboard fronts should be changed (eg RRC)
    A big evening show should be added as DLP does not allow fireworks out of the summer season,World of Colour would be perfect for the park.

  4. I would like to go to DLP sometime. My husband is from England and everytime we go to visit my in-laws, I suggest popping over to DLP. He is very dismissive of it. Is it that bad?

  5. Wait, Jen, Disneyland PARK in Paris is GREAT!!! Is one of the best-themed MK in the world!! It's the 2nd park (Walt Disney Studios) that is stupid... There are very few interesting rides... But I certainly recommend you to visit DLP!!

  6. I've never been to Paris, or any other Disney park outside of Orlando, but I adore Ratatouille! I think it would be a cute ride, but does it have permamence?


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