New Dinner show for Titanic!

A new dinner-show is going to open at "Titanic: The experience", museum located on International Drive.
Thanks to Orlando Attraction magazine, we know that the dinner-show will take place every Saturday and Sunday, from July 2nd, 2010.

And here you are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the show:

I’ve never been to Titanic The Experience Dinner Event. What should I expect?
A delicious four-course sit-down dinner and dessert along with an interactive experience featuring many notable passengers and crew from Titanic, celebrating Captain E.J. Smith’s retirement from White Star Line. The party is given in his honor by George and Eleanor Widener. You are one of the distinguished guests.
The show takes place throughout the entire exhibit and performers may actually be seated at your table for dinner. Throughout the night, various historical happenings will take you through the heroic efforts of her crew and passengers.

What is included in the ticket price?
Every admission ticket includes a four-course meal, an entertaining show and interactive tour of the exhibition’s artifacts, plus gratuity for food service. (extra gratuity accepted)

Do I have to participate in the show?
No, you do not. Guests are not required to perform in any way, but because the actors interact with the guests, it is up to each individual how much you want to be involved.

How much is the individual ticket?
We encourage you to buy the tickets in advance, because the show may sell out for that evening you may want to see the show. The Titanic Dinner Event individual tickets are $64.95 Adults, $39.95 Children (6-11years) plus tax. Please call for group rates of parties 10 or more.

What do you serve? Entrees? 
Each meal includes:
- Roasted Sirloin served with Mushroom Demi
- Chicken Breast with Lyonnaise
- Glazed Baby Carrots
- Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes
- Caesar Salad Or Spring Mix Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
- Vienna Rolls with Butter Sheet Cake

Beverages include soda, iced tea and coffee after dinner.

Here's the menu (click on it for a bigger size):

How do I know if I’ve purchased “good” seats?
Since there is no set stage and the action happens all around you, all of our seats are center stage! Our professional performers insure all guests are equally involved and engaged.

What time does the Event start & what time should I arrive?
There are two admission times, dependent on your reservation schedule; this will determine your entrance at 7:45pm or 8:00pm. We suggest arriving 20 minutes ahead of your entrance time.

How long is the show?
About 3 hours including dinner.

Where is your venue located?
7324 International Dr. Orlando, Florida 32819. It is at the corner of Carrier and International Drive.

What is the dress code?
There is no required dress code although we suggest no T-shirts, shorts, baseball caps or torn clothes. This is Titanic and you will be sitting with First-Class Passengers so appropriate dress is suggested. If you come in period clothing we have a special gift for you.