Kodak out of Walt Disney World?

What started as a strong rumor, is becoming more likely a true story.
There is a possibility that KODAK may want to move OUT of Disney parks, and maybe not only in Florida (I don't know about the others).

You may ask: "SO??"
Well, that would be GREAT on one side, but not-so-good on the other.
but before listing all the good and bad about it, read what some WDWMagic Forum members said:

"According to a friend who works at Journey, Kodak wants to end its sponsorship before Captain EO starts and managers from the attraction aren't forthcoming with exact details of what is going on."

Another one said:

"I heard from more than one person in management that Kodak is gone. Their contract ended on July 1 and Captain EO officially opened on July 2. They are out of Imagination also and things have been removed from the post show already. It might not happen overnight but all signs of Kodak will be slowly disappearing backstage and on stage. 
I haven't heard of anything happening to Imagination pavilion especially without a sponsor, I doubt anything will happen at all.

Also, I heard that Captain EO had a 3 year agreement and that HISTA is definitely returning after that. Then again, it could be subject to change."

And here another member listed the falling income of Kodak, that would also explain its cuts:

"Kodak's net income in 2008: -$442 million USD (They finally broke the cycle and had a profitable quarter recently, but cut another 4,000 or so jobs, bringing the total employment to around 20,000 people from a peak close to 140,000 in the mid 1980s).

Fujifilm's net income in 2008: +$1.2 billion USD (adjusted from Japanese Yen to USD at current rate).

If the folks at Fujifilm were still interested in doing something park related, they at least appear to be in better financial shape than Eastman-Kodak. Does it mean they still want to all these years later? I don't know and wouldn't have any type of idea if communication lines were totally shut down or not."

So, what would happen if Kodak has really moved out?


  • The Imagination pavilion would likely receive a make-over when the new sponsors comes;
  • If Fujifilm steps in, we may finally have Mount Fuji, a great indoor attraction that was to be located in the Japanese pavilion but that was canceled due to the fact that Kodak didn't want the park to have an attraction with a name that seemed to refer to the other company (Why didn't they simply change the name then???);
  • Maybe the new sponsors will also reopen the Wonders of Life pavilion (it will be different, of course);
  • We may finally receive an expansion of World Showcase, with more rides and "countries"!
  • All the 3D shows would temporarily remain without a sponsor, making things a bit more difficult to maintain;
  • No more nice ad on the back of the parks' map (but I can live without them...);
  • Kodak was a long time partner with Disney, so it will be also an historic loss.
So, what's your opinion?
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  1. PLEASE - Apple needs to be a sponsor, totally. If not Apple, then possibly Dell. They could totally move away from photography as "imagination" and go towards something that has true imagination...


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