Toy Story 3 again!!

I loved so much this movie that I'm going to see it again now!
This time I will go to Universal's AMC theaters and I will see the film in IMAX 3D.

I really like this film!!

Coming after: MK update PART 2.


  1. Now listen, and listen good! You gotta be careful man, that's how it starts. First you go seeing TS3 again in a week then the next thing you know you're in need of going every single week to get your movie quota. Lol. Like me. I saw Grown Ups, yesterday(Sunday).I'm telling you...

  2. By the way I thought that theater you show was Universal's. No? Where was is it?

  3. It was great, even better than before!! The seats at Universal are way more comfortable, and the IMAX (even though it was not a real one) was great, and the 3D... I have never seen anything like that!!!
    I love American Movie theaters!!!
    In Italy we have junk theaters!!!

  4. Samu just a question? How many cost the Cinema's ticket???

  5. I spent $14.00 because it was an IMAX theater and it was in 3D, otherwise it costs around $8.00...
    And the price is even lower if you watch a movie during the morning! (only in AMC movie theaters..).

  6. I actually have a theater here about 10 minutes from where I live. But is garbage. So I drive about 30 minutes, to a better cinema which has 3D, and has been doing it since it open, about 2 years ago. It still has that brand new feeling.


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