New DVC resorts! Really?

Many people simply hate all the DVC booths that are in the parks. I personally don't like them too.
But if I was an investor, I would buy a room.

Anyways, from Screamscape:

"Is Walt Disney World planning their next big DVC Resort? According to a new rumor sent in, plans may have been drawn up for a new resort project across the street from Disney’s Coronado resort that would feature some kind of California theme to it along with a nice pathway over to Blizzard Beach. More when we find out."
"While I haven’t heard anything more about that rumored new DVC resort project across from the Coronado, other sources have confirmed that Disney is currently attempting to finalize plans to create a DVC add-on to the Grand Floridian."

So, many new resorts are coming to Walt Disney World!
What do you think? Is DVC a good deal? Would you buy one room or have you got one already?

For those of you that don't know what DVC is, well it's the Disney Vacation Club, where you have to buy a room for $25,000 and then maintain it annually. You can use your credits wherever DVC credits are accepted in the world.


  1. Im a DVC member and its worked out fine for me.
    Tip from me ,even if you dont want to buy go to a booth and get an appointment so at least you have a chance to look in some of the rooms and I got a perk from them for doing so.They dont push you to buy and it was acctually quite entertaining.

  2. I took a tour once, and I agree with you, it's not boring. They also gave me a free coke...
    The only think I don't like are the booths in the parks, because they're EVERYWHERE!!! :-)!

  3. $25,000 is a high quote, I paid much less than that! I think $12,000 is the starting price these days.

    Most people who go to Disney regularly anyway, it makes sense to do DVC. The only exception might be people who know a castmember who hooks them up with discounted rooms all the time.

    I don't mind the booths in the parks, the people are always nice and tell me WELCOME HOME when I tell them I am a DVC member. And the tour is actually pretty fun I did it a couple of times over about a six year span before I ended up buying. And I really wish I could turn back the clock and buy it that first time!! I would have spent so much less!! It's not a high-pressure thing though I think like 1 out of 20 people buy or something so they are definitely not expecting you to pull out a credit card.


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