Zip Line in Gatorland

Gatorland is going to offer a new thrilling experience later this year.
Indeed, thanks to Screamscape, we now know that Gatorland is opening a new zipline over... live alligators!!
Here's the news from the Orlando Sentinel:
"Gatorland is promising a new adrenaline rush to guests at its theme park, with the addition of a zip line course this fall.
The park said the Eco Zip Line will carry riders over the park’s jumping Cuban Crocodiles, then give riders a bird’s eye view of the more than 150 alligators in the park’s breeding marsh. It will reach as high as 56 feet, with speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour, the park said.
Gatorland is the latest Central Florida attraction to adding zipping to its offerings. Grand Lakes Orlando Resort, the Central Florida Zoo, and Forever Florida [and Wonderworks, OTPN note] all added zip lines last year.
The 45-minute experience includes an orientation session, a nature walk through the swamp, four zips and a swinging bridge. The price tag is $60, which includes all day admission to Gatorland.
The construction of the Eco Zip Line is being managed by Global Expeditions, Inc., which is located in Bozeman, Mont."
Will you dare to do that? Personally, I am not scared of alligators (unless I'm inside their cage), but to know that you could fall from the zipline and become the dessert of a crocodile is, well.. kind of scary.

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