Water Mania abandoned water park

Unfortunately, Splendid China was not the only abandoned park in Orlando.

There's also Water Mania, a water park that operated until September 5th, 2005.
It covered more than 36 acres, and even though it has been closed for 5 years now, there's still a website that advertises the park (saying that it's closed, of course).

Here's the website: WATERMANIA-FLORIDA.com.

Here you are also some of the logos of the attractions that were found there:

The Thrill rides:

The Relaxing rides:

And some pictures that I found in the web (copyright of all the respective companies. All rights reserved.):

Of course it was a small park, but it was a loss anyways...
We don't really know what made it close, but the park's manager just said that 2005 would have been the park's last season.


  1. Hey Samuele thanks for the trip down memory lane. Although it is a little sad. First two times i went to Orlando 95 and 96 we stay at el Hoyo. HA,HA! Man everyone in our trip use to joke about that. We where staying at HoJo the Howard Johnson hotel in Kissimmee. Very next to it. What? Yes, Water Mania. There was a our room then the parking lot and then a covered fence dividing our hotel from people walking in bathing suits and going down in slides. I didn't go to this one either. Because well we didn't had any time to. But it was cool seeing people in Water Mania and hearing the sounds every time you went out of your room. It made the stay there sort of Theme Parkish.

  2. Well, we can't say that you were a bit unlucky!

    you missed two parks (Splendid China and Water Mania) that you could visit but that for lacking of time it wasn't possible...

    Just joking, but, for real, you could have given them a chance over the other parks in Orlando, since these had already an uncertain future...!

    Thanks a lot for your great comments!!!


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