Something BIG is coming to Gatorland

There are news about something... enormous!:

Yes, something HUGE is on the way for one of Orlando's best half-day attractions, GATORLAND!

They are huge! Even bigger than you think!
They are giant alligators!

They are now running all over the park as you can see from this picture (the two guys are extremely scared too! You can see terror in their faces)! :

These giant alligators will be a great addition to the already many gators and crocodiles they have.
If you are scared of them, don't worry, even though they free to roam all over the park, they can't walk on the guests' paths (or at least I think so).

If you want more informations about the park, please visit their official site HERE.
Here you can download the PDF map of the park if you are interested in visiting Gatorland in the future:

It seems to be a great family park, and it's also a way for you to rest from the bigger theme parks when they are too crowded!

See ya' later, alligator!

All pictures are under the copyright of Gatorland park. All rights are reserved.

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