Magic Kingdom GrAd NiTe & more!

Here you are a good picture-update of the father of all Orlando's theme parks:


Enjoy the many pictures, that include Grad Nite preparations, Fantasyland expansion, Main Street U.S.A. refurbishments, Frontierland and Adventureland updates and more!

Welcome once again to Magic Kingdom!

As usual, works for Mickey's new 'home':

Works are continuing also in the whole Main Street:

GRAD NITE'10 stuff was all over:

Our castle is so great:

look at the new pattern of the bricks:

our signature shot:

Even though the park was fairly 'empty', this part of Fantasyland is always too crowded, because of....STROLLERS!!!!! I don't like the strollers to be all over the place like this!

Peter Pan's facade is once again under refurbishment:


Liberty Square works:

Nice view of the river:

More GRAD NITE stuff (an eyesore, believe me!):

Some more random pictures:

2011 new ride in Adventureland: RESTROOMS 2.1 The return.

Let's move to Tomorrowland:

And now, some Space Mountain pictures!!:

More shots of the park:

Fantasyland's wall, The Great Fantasyland wall:

This picture is modestly my best one!!!:

Look at the goose!:

The water is still dirty for the works being done to the castle's moath:

And after Magic Kingdom, try to guess where we went....

That's all for now, so:


  1. Personally, my favorite land in Magic Kingdom is Tomorrowland, simply for Space Mountain and the amazing walk through queue they have at the end. It really gets your imagination going to think of all the crazy places we might be able to visit in the next several hundred years. Seeing those made my day. If you get a chance, can you take more next time you go to Magic Kingdom for a photo update?

    Also, thanks for putting the theme park playlist in the sidebar. I was wondering where it went to. I love the music. :D

  2. Of course! I am thinking about new updates that focus especially on each of MK's lands (like Tomorrowland), so I'll also try to get more pics of TL!
    And thanks for the compliments!!
    Continue to follow us!

  3. You're awesome, Samuele. Thank you very much. I intend to follow you as long as you intend to stay functional. ;)

  4. Totally agree with the strollers!!! Far to many!!!! Anyone thinking of having Kids should be ordered to hang out in Fantasyland for a day :)!! haha! Oh and they should give parents a gift card or something for not using strollers :)

  5. You would prefer screaming children because their legs are tired?!? Come's a Disney Park.

  6. No, but they may build a place where to store them while you go on a ride!
    It's ridiculous seeing all these strollers that make the walkways even narrower!!


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