Coco Key Water Resort - PHOTOS

We finally had the opportunity to visit the brand-new Coco Key water resort! Here you are the pictures of the resort:

It is located on International Drive, 5 minutes from Universal Orlando resort.
It's also in front of a Cici's pizza and Magical Midway.

The Main Entrance:

The lobby section of the hotel is enough spacious...

Here's the first water section of the hotel (which is very large, despite our expectations):

This is a normal swimming pool:

The gym:

That walkway leads to the water-park:

They also have a gift shop, that sells hotel-related stuff:

Here we go!:

The water-park section is very big, indeed:

The restaurant:

Their arcade is really huge! Believe me!:

The children's play area (looks very appealing, doesn't it?):

These thrilling slides aren't open yet:

The inside portion of the water-park:

Our tour guide (that, by the way, kindly showed us the whole resort) said that these lockers have a cool new way to open them: you just have to wear a special wristband and pass it near the numbers, and that's it! They open without requiring a key! It's a good thing, especially in a water park where it's annoying to keep keys in your swimsuit's pocket..

Here they sell Park tickets (but here's a problem. They can only sell Universal, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens tickets because they are still dealing with WDW, and that's a problem in my opinion... but I'm sure they'll solve it soon, at least before the end of the year)):

They also have a huge wall map of the area:

But there's something that is missing:

And that's all! We couldn't see the rooms unfortunately, because of course they were dealing with a lot of people, and they were all full. We'll try to get there again to check them out for you!

Do you want more informations on this resort? Then visit their COCO KEY ORLANDO site!

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  1. I really enjoyed my stay at Coco Key. Other then the restaurant being under staffed when our party of 11 came in to eat,Everything else was great. I would stay there again.


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