Rumor at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Today, WDWnews Today stated that something new can be on the way to

Indeed, there's a rumor about the Backlot Tour (the Tram tour of the backstage of the Park) and also about the kiddie area "Honey I shrunk the kids movie set adventure"
The rumor includes the closure of the Backlot Tour (for good) and the consequential demolition of it. What are they going to build over that area?
The rumor says that there will be a smaller version of Radiator Springs Racers, that is currently being built at Disney's California Adventure.
And that same rumor says that there will also be a NEW Monster inc. roller coaster!!
That would be amazing! Many years have passed and the Monster inc. roller coaster is still a rumor, but now it MAY become a reality! 
But there's more...
The HISTKMSA (the kiddie area) will be eventually closed and re-themed, becoming
"A bug's Life adventure" or something similar, and the Backlot catering co. restaurant will eventually change theme, becoming a "RATATOUILLE" or "MONSTER INC." restaurant...
But go to WDWnews Today to read the whole story.
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  1. A Ratatouille restaraunt would be so cool! Great idea.

  2. Yeah, I think the same, but remember than it's only a rumor, so anything can happen!


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