Epcot Update

Ok, now let's move from Space Mountain and let's talk about Epcot instead.

Yesterday was a fine day, with good temperatures (a little cooler in the evening, but nothin special), and the park wasn't really crowded. The park was open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m (like everyday, but during the holidays it stays open even later) and I took some photos to the park in general, including "The Sum of All Thrills".

But now here are some photos. Enjoy!

Welcome To EPCOT!

SpaceShip Earth

closer shot

Monorail teal is the Monorail that was made from the rests of the two monorails that sadly crashed last summer.

There are many beautyful flowers all throughout the park

And now... the new SUM OF ALL THRILLS

It uses KUKA robotic arms

the logo

The House of Tomorrow is currently closed (maybe for refurbishment)

sorry for the blurry shot!

The Land pavilion

Living with the Land is now re-open after its refurbishment..

...but it's not been completed yet...

...indeed new boats are coming these winter!

I love SOARIN'! (I'd like a World film though)

The Imagination Pavilion

ILLUMINATION: Reflections of Earth!

Our Journey is now finished, but come back soon. New updates are coming!

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