Festival of the Lion King Cast Meets Broadway Stars at Animal Kingdom

Cast Members from "Festival of the Lion King" at Disney's Animal Kingdom recently got to meet their Broadway counterparts. The colorful Cast of this popular show enjoyed a special backstage visit from “The Lion King” on Broadway’s Nala and Mufasa, Kissy Simmons and Alton Fitzgerald White (park Guests also had the chance to meet Alton Fitzgerald White on January 30).

“They’re actually here!” said Angel G. Cancel Vientos, a performer at “Festival of the Lion King.” As they chatted and laughed outside the Harambe Theater, Angel found they all had more in common than just singing the same hit songs. “They were appreciative of our work just like we are of theirs.”

Kissy and Alton delighted audiences for years as part of the award-winning Broadway production. This week it was their turn to enjoy some Disney magic by watching a performance of “Festival of the Lion King” after meeting its cast.

The two famous feline performers will delight Guests again through February 5 as part of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts “Disney on Broadway” Concert Series.

Broadway fans and Cast Members Madison Weir and Sara Maulucci enjoyed this rare opportunity to meet these esteemed guests and perform the famous tunes that connect audiences from around the world. “It’s such great music,” explained Sara, that everyone “really feels something for it.” After achieving her goal of joining this top-rated show,  Madison says she’s found a deep connection to Broadway performers like Alton White and Kissy Simmons after admiring them for so long. “It’s cool to see everything come full circle. You are doing the same thing and you are bringing the same joy to Guests.”

PHOTO: © 2018 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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