In a few months, Universal Studios Florida Guests will be able to experience the new "Race Through New York Staring Jimmy Fallon" attraction (the grand opening date of the ride was officially announced last Friday). In the meantime, work continues to be done around the building, and most of the temporary walls are now gone. Additionally, the new Fast & Furious ride continues to take shape in the San Francisco themed area of the park, and The Simpsons Ride is currently closed for refurbishment.

Let's take a look around Universal Studios Florida:

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Our first stop is Race Through New York Staring Jimmy Fallon:

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More details can now be seen on the facade:

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The new Tonight Shop might open before the ride debuts to the public:

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The new facade looks much better than Twister's facade:

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The ride's marquee is now surrounded by scaffolding:

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Only a small portion of the building is still surrounded by temporary walls:

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Anonymous said...

such a terrible idea for a ride. still can't believe they're doing this

Jason said...

@Anonymous: My guess is you're not in the target demographic (neither am I). Jimmy Fallon is well-liked by the younger generation, and of course Comcast owns both Universal and NBC, so cross-over marketing was inevitable. Hopefully it will at least be a good simulator. Although with that said, I hate most simulators and consider them a cop-out. Would you rather ride Splash Mountain or a simulator? Space Mountain or simulator? WDW train or simulator? It seems most new rides are simulators these days. I'm hoping that trend ends SOON.

CaptJapan said...

This is a bad idea for a ride, but it could be worse.
Disney's making an entire land based on AVATAR. An entire land!
On a forgettable movie that's big gimmick was 3D.

This might not be a great idea for a ride, but the building itself is a huge improvement and can easily be adapted to something new in the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about that area over the restrooms, is it part of the ride queue, is it just there, of is it like a VIP area for concerts?

Alex said...

Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time. It made $2.7 billion. It is only one of three films that ever made over $2 billion. (Titanic and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are the other ones.)

Over 70% of Avatar's profit was made overseas. That's an important distinction between the use of Avatar versus Jimmy Fallon as the basis of an attraction.

Foreign visitors are important to the success of Orlando's theme parks. Even if they hadn't seen the movie, it's likely that people from other nations at least know the film. The same can't be said about late night talk show hosts. Would you be excited to ride something based on Danilo Gentili (Brazil), Rvan Urgant (Russia), or Graham Norton (UK)?

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