After taking a short break from visiting the parks due to the heavy crowds (which we always try to avoid!) that come to Central Florida during this time of the year, the Orlando Theme Park News Team is back with a Universal Studios update.
As you will see, some walls that used to surround the new Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon attractions have been removed, and the facade of the new Fast & Furious: Supercharged ride continues to grow. Let's take a look.

Even if the holidays are over the parks feel extremely busy:

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Let's begin by walking through Production Central:

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The facade of the new attraction hosted by Jimmy Fallon is surely much better than Twister's:

image host

Notice the Comcast and NBC logos:

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The section of the facade above the restrooms still looks partially incomplete:

image host

The bottom of the building will be mostly dedicated to the queue of the ride and the Tonight Shop:

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These doors will lead to the new Tonight Shop:

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New light fixtures will soon be installed around the area:

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A few more photos of the facade:

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Let's take a quick peek inside the shop:

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The ride marquee has already been installed above the entrance:

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image host

Some walls are still up:

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CaptJapan said...

That building adds some much needed "New York" to the New York section of the park. Universal just really needs to get over the faux studio buildings and cover them up with skyline facades.

Anonymous said...

The ride building may be contemporary New York but is it interesting ? I liked the quirkiness of the old Twister facade. It was interesting and relevant.
I would think that the last thing people need , after a hard day's work in the City, is a building looking just like their office and a shop that is much like any other on their high street.
Give us fantasy. Give us something out of the ordinary. Give us something to marvel at and smile.
Just saying.............

Anonymous said...

I agree. Studios just isn't as immersive (except wizarding world) as most other theme parks. I wish they would just get rid of the whole city thing and introduce more themed lands like IoA. There's just no comparison when compared to the distinct areas of IoA with different charqcters, music etc. Studios is just a mismatch of everything all together.

I'm hoping theyll replace all of the kid and Hollywood areas with Nintendo. That mean that pretty much from HP all the way round to the park entrance is really well themed but it is disappointing that, judging from their two upcoming rides, the "cities" are not going anywhere soon.

Anonymous said...

Are these just more 3D rides? There seems to be too many already at Studios and not enough thrill rides.
In my opinion Fast & Furious films are already dated and being from the UK, it feels like the Fallon ride is aimed at the US people only. I agree with a previous comment about the facade. Where's the fantasy we can immerse ourselves into? I much preferred IOA.
Two new rides and I'm not looking forward to either of them. After the anticipation of Kong and that ride being a huge let down, I think Universal and IOA really need to step up their game.

What is the release date?
I think the ride looks awesome and right out of NYC! The only thing that I think is slightly awkward is Jimmy standing there and smiling like a normal photoshoot. Shouldn't they have posed him in a more exciting way?
While I am disappointed that it is another 3d style ride, any new ride is a thrill for me!! Go Uni!!

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