Being one of the most anticipated theme park lands ever, Pandora: The World of AVATAR continues to be the subject of heated discussions among Disney Parks fans. Even those who do not believe that this new land "fits" at Disney's Animal Kingdom surely agree that it will look absolutely spectacular, and this was based simply on photos taken outside the land and a handful of artworks. Earlier today, Disney released a video that gave us a first look inside Pandora's attractions.


First of all, the video shows some of the actual (yet fake) plants that Guests will see around the area:


Afterwards, the video shows some great views of the floating mountains that tower above the land:


This exclusive video then takes us inside the building that houses the new boat ride:


Our final stop is the Flight of Passage simulator, which appears to be very similar to Soarin':


That and much more will open soon at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park:


Here's the full video that will allow you to learn more about these amazing additions:

Are you looking forward to explore Pandora next summer? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

The name implies that they are putting less emphasis on the movie and more of the land. Smart considering the backlash against the choice of theme. Avatar still seems like such a strange choice considering how forgotten the first one became and how uncertain the sequels will be.

Anonymous said...

Considering how long it's taken to build, from what we've seen it's pretty underwhelming, and having yet another boat ride and a soarin' clone? Lazy.

@Thomas Tol: We just added the video to the original post.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of excited. The movie was good, the land looks good, I just wish they had a "new" exciting attraction. We're local, but we'll wait until the fall to visit, don't want to be with the crazy crowds during the summer.

Mikey 719 said...

Does anyone see something wrong with a new "land" only have 2 rides?.maybe im used to magic kingdom but each land should have at least 4 or 3 and some sort of show

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