Welcome to the second part of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studio photo-report. Don't forget to check out PART 1 of this update by clicking on this link.
Previously, we took a look around Hollywood Boulevard, the Center Stage area, the demolition of the former Streets of America themed backlot, and more. Let's now continue our tour of the park by exploring Muppets Courtyard and Echo Lake. As always, we hope you will enjoy the rest of the photos of this update.

Let's take a look around Muppets Courtyard now:


PizzeRizzo looks almost ready to open:


Work continues to be done on the new light fixtures around the restaurant:


Some of the new signs have been covered:


The rest of the facade looks finished:


Notice the PizzeRizzo flag:


In Echo Lake, the removal of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame continues:


It's time to leave now. We'll come back very soon to check out the future Toy Story Land.


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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


7 Comment(s):

Something tells me that the "Top rated pizza" sign will occasionally malfunction to read... "Top rat pizza".

Anonymous said...

I heard something about them planning to get rid of the Great Movie Ride in the next few years- apparently it's not garish enough to serve as a park icon since they perpetually have a gigantic stage in front of it. Any guesses as to what it'll become? I'm betting on a meet and greet, an overpriced character dining location, and a 'vip lounge' to fill that space.

Greg said...

I think I figured out one of their plans for Muppet Courtyard.

They appear to be leaving intact the Streets of America buildings which face Muppet Courtyard. I believe that the former main street of Streets of America will become the new main pathway into Star Wars Land, leading right past Muppet Courtyard.

Muppet Courtyard will then open onto this main path, the former Streets of America. Since Muppet Courtyard is city themed, they are leaving the facade on the opposite side of Muppet Courtyard intact, so that as you the theming for Muppet Courtyard will be complete.

Presumably, once you pass Muppet Courtyard you will then enter Star Wars land.

Dan Boris said...

@Greg: Yes, this is what I have heard will happen. They had actually removed all the fire escapes from that façade and then put some of them back up which would lend credence to the idea that it is staying.

@Anonymous: The current rumor is that the Great Movie Ride will be replaced with a Mickey Mouse themed ride using a trackless ride system sort of like Ratatouille ride in Paris, but the theater façade will stay as is.

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't get rid of The Great Movie Ride. It's an iconic attraction which, if anything, has the potential for expansion. There's nothing wrong with nostalgia or tipping the hat to some of the classic movies down the years. It's an education as well as entertainment. It might just encourage a younger audience to go back and seek out these movies too.
Yes movies have become slick and over reliant on CGI. Decent plot lines, intelligent scripts and good acting are in short supply now and they have been papered over with , admittedly fantastic , computer graphics.
But a ride that showcases earlier days can only be a good thing if we want to stimulate creative film making.

Anonymous said...

@Century III I could city that but more likely "The City's Top Rated Pizza- PizzaRizzo" to "The City's Top Rat - Rizzo"

Claire said...

It would be a shame if The Great Movie Ride went. I agree that it could do with an update - get rid of that awful Tarzan scene for a start(!) - but even an update would be years away... they couldn't even touch this attraction until Start Wars and Pixar Land were up and running.

I never thought about the PizzaRizzo sign - how clever! :)

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