Welcome to third and final part of our latest SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. As always, don't forget to also check out PART 2 by clicking on this link.
In the previous part of this update we walked around the Shark Wreck Reef and the newly-renamed Terrace Bar. We'll now complete our grand tour of SeaWorld Orlando by visiting the remaining areas of the park. There's still more to see. We really hope you will enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!


The Sea Garden:


The Terrace BBQ has been renamed the Terrace Bar:


Inside we notices that only a few Anaheuser-Busch faucets are still left:


Many have already been replaced:


The old Terrace BBQ restaurant is now hidden by a new, permanent wall:


The Terrace Bar is this:


It has a very limited menu:


And we are... moving on:


Minor work is taking place within Shamu's Happy Harbor:


One Ocean is still a very enjoyable show:


The stadium is massive (note that these photos were taken after the last performance):


It looks like a new fence is being installed around the main lagoon:


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Anonymous said...

SeaWorld really does need more indoor rides and shows. During storms like that, half the park shuts down.

Anonymous said...

This used-to-be-popular park seems to be quickly fading. Attendance is way down and its stock price is at an all-time low. Will its owners put it up for sale soon?

Does SeaWorld suffer due to the controversial captivity of it's Orca's? It always seems to be quiet whenever i've been or whenever I see reports such as this.

Ashame, I don't want to get into a debate about the above point but I do feel as though SeaWorld do a lot of good for the enviroment as well.

Hope things pick up for the place.

Anonymous said...

I love Sea World!

Anonymous said...

As a ex employee of Seaworld I will be glad to see them go. They are the most dispicable company I have very worked for. To try and save money and not have to pay workers the benifits they deserve they have made everyone seasonal this includes full and part time employees. This explains why a lot of them seem rude or just plain bad at their job as they only work there 6 months then are forced to leave and have to wait 5 months to come back.

Anonymous said...

It's also very quiet because of the time of year. Sea World doesn't really do anything during to bring people in this time of year. I like it this way, get in the park, see a couple of shoes, ride the coasters 3/4 times, and then out in a couple of hours. EPCOT has Food And Wine, Universal had Horror Nights, and Magic Kingdom has Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween. Sea World does something for the kids on weekends, but nothing during the week. I LOVE Sea World! They are not going anywhere. Sorry to hear that some people didn't like working their, but I know quite a few people that have been there for years and love working there. They do so much rescuing for hurt/stranded animals, thank you Sea World.

Anonymous said...

Sea World NEEDS to bring their own version of Howl-O-Scream to compete with Universal and bring in crowds during the off season. Sea World can essentially feed off of some of Horror Night's crowds... heck they can reuse some of Busch Garden's houses and bring them to Orlando and call it "New"

Anonymous said...

The middle of September on a weekday, which this must of been shot at, is a slow month for ALL theme parks in Orlando, even precious Disney. Sea world on the weekends is entirely differnt. I was there Saturday at it was crowded/

Anonymous said...

They should turn the Terrace bar into a dark ride and the old Clydesdale barn next door into a bumper car ride. No theme park in Orlando has bumper cars. Then add a wave swinger and pirate ride in the Sea Gardens area/

Anonymous said...

Then they can change the name to Six Flags Sea World

Anonymous said...

Wow. Really? It's a seasonal business! And the shift in benefits and hours has happened across the entire industry thanks to many outside contributing factors. While I certainly dislike these changes as well, it's not entirely Seaworlds fault. They do too much good for this world that it would be a massive shame to see them go under.

Trent said...

I agree with Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great update! 👍

Anonymous said...

Blame Obama not Shamu for those changes in benefits and hours.

Anonymous said...

Fun Spot has bumper cars

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