SeaWorld Orlando is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and inspiring theme parks ever created. Its wonderful landscape and detailed exhibits help in setting it apart from other parks in the area, Just like the other parks, though, SeaWorld continues to introduces changes (some more prominent than others) to improve the current offerings available to Guests. For example, the queue of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin was recently modified. And there's more to check out.

Welcome to SeaWorld Orlando:

A new structure now features posters advertising some of SeaWorld's upcoming special events:


A new Manta-themed soft-serve kiosk recently opened in the area:

Key West:

It's time to pay a visit to Antarctica:

As part of a new Empire of the Penguin queue configuration, an ugly-looking fence has been installed:

There are three entrances to the attraction now:

Quick Queue on the far left, Ride Entry in the middle, Non-Riders on the right:

New wait time displays have also been installed:

Riders and non-riders still enter from the same entrance. The queue then splits at a certain point:

The un-themed fence has also been installed in the pre-show room and indoor queue:

A new pre-show room has been created for non-riders. These Guests go directly to the penguin exhibit bypassing the attraction itself. Before doing so, there's a very brief pre-show. Take a look:

The new pre-show room looks similar to the others:

The penguin exhibit has received no apparent changes:

Let's now explore the Waterfront area:

It seems like some of the buildings in the area were recently repainted:

The Voyagers Smokehouse received a new banner:

Mako (many more photos of this new coaster can be found by clicking here):

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