We have been waiting for more than a year to see the removal of the temporary walls installed around the new Reign of Kong area at Island of Adventure. Now, it looks like Universal is finally ready to start unveiling some of the features of this mysterious land. Even though the majority of the walls are still up, Guests can now visit the new Mess Tent, a themed kiosk that sells the usual theme park snacks. Of course, there are plenty of details to enjoy. Let's take a look around.

First of all, here is a series of photos of the Mess Tent that was mentioned at the beginning of this post:

As you can see, the current menu doesn't include any interesting items (at least, not yet):

We'll now focus on the rest of the area:

A quick peek behind the walls reveals that the themed railings for the extended queue are now in place:

Lights continue to be tested throughout the queue:

It's exciting to think that we are mere weeks away from experiencing this new attraction!:

The torches on either side of the king Kong-shape arch were off:

Yet another tent will open near the exit of the attraction in the not-so-distant future:

The sign used to measure a child's height is now in place:

Moving away from the area:

Here you are some aerial photos of the land:

The plants make it difficult to take pictures of the ride path now:

It looks like someone was walking around the queue:

A closer look at the rockwork:

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