At this point in time, many of our Readers will undoubtedly agree that Epcot is in dire need of help. This amazing theme park has been neglected in the past, and that is evident from the lack of new (or, at least, updated) rides and attractions.
Fortunately, it looks like something is finally happening. In fact, Guests visiting the park in the next few months will find a new Frozen-themed attraction, a new Soarin' movie, new entertainment, new character greeting areas, and more.

This evening we will focus solely on Future World. Take a look around this area of the park with us:

Let's begin by taking a look inside Innoventions East:

Habit Heroes officially closed a few weeks ago due to the end of Florida Blue's sponsorship:

The House of Tomorrow is still sitting there, untouched:

Innoventions West has now become an extension of the Epcot Character Spot. Joy and Sadness from Inside Out are rumored to be coming to this area. Also, Chip and Dale will leave this area tomorrow:

This is all very depressing:

Heading to The Land:

Multiple signs state that Soarin' is closed:

As we recently reported, the Circle of Life attraction will be closed through April 2, 2016. If what we have heard is correct, many will be disappointed when the attraction reopens, as there's a big chance the movie won't change. We have been told that the majority of the changes will not be noticed by Guests:

A small banner was recently added under the large Soarin' sign:

The new restrooms (which are being built behind the Soarin' desk) are almost ready. Once they open, a portion of the old restrooms will close while the remaining portion will become a male restroom only:

The old FASTPASS distribution area sits untouched:

It's time to leave The Land:

The construction of the new DVC Lounge continues on the second floor of the Imagination! pavilion:

The special effects used in the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival are still not working properly:

We wonder if the short films will rotate every once in a while...

The fountain was working during our visit. It has not been very reliable lately:

The Flower & Garden Festival starts very soon. We can't wait!:

A new update covering World Showcase will be posted soon. Stay tuned:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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