Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing and inspiring themed hotels found at the Walt Disney World Resort.
In addition to the grandeur of the lobby and the expansive savanna located behind it, the hotel features plenty of African artifacts and educational activities that set it apart from other resorts. If that wasn't enough, the hotel also contains some of the highest-rated restaurants on property that shouldn't be missed.

Let's take a quick look around Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge to enjoy the common areas of the resort:

The porte cochere:

The lobby looks quite similar to that of the Wilderness Lodge:

The seating areas:

One of the artistic creations on display is currently being refurbished:

The rest of the lobby area:

The Mombasa Marketplace shop is very large and contains themed merhcandise:

The map of the resort:

Going downstairs:

Here is where Guests can find the great table-service restaurants we mentioned at the beginning:

The pool area is nothing special, but it is very large:

Animals (except flamingos) are a little harder to spot during the evening:

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