Animal Kingdom Update: More Floating Mountains Appear

Some of the massive, new floating mountains that will soon dominate the skyline of Pandora: The World of AVATAR started to be installed a few weeks ago at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The latest floating mountain installed in the area (it became visible just two days ago) looks quite different, as it already features its themed outer layer. If that gives any indication of how the finished product will look like, then we can be sure the area will look even better than we thought.

Welcome to Animal Kingdom:

Our first stop will be Pandora:

Here's the first complete mountain:

Notice the foliage on the top portion of the faux floating mountain:

In this photo, you can see how well the new mountain blends into the surrounding (it's in the middle):

Let's move on to Discovery Island:

The new Riverside Depot store now has a new color scheme:

A clock has also been added to the tower:

Another new sign was recently installed:

Construction also continues next to the Discovery River:

The seating area for the new Rivers of Light nighttime show continues to take shape:

The south-east side of the amphitheater:

A barge can be seen near the seating area of the Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Nice to see work be done during park hours ( at least that's how it looks ). Wouldn't mind more construction happening to speed a few projects along.

  2. Was there today and looks like another fully completed mountain is up. Man there flying now! Can't wait.

  3. Why does construction take so long at WDW? Seems as if the whole WDW is under construction. Our family will not be taking its annual trip this year because of all the construction. That 22 people that will not visit this year and maybe not next year either, depending on how much construction is still in progress. Sad that is takes so long on complete a project.

  4. Anonymous, you are aware that there will be heavy construction at Studios for the next few years, right?

    WDW has lagged severely for years when it comes to referbs and redevelopments. Some of these projects are necessary (like MK's hub, MK's Main Street, and DAK's Island of Discovery) since they have not been referbed in many many years (or ever) or are being done to support larger crowds.

    Plus with the addition of new lands (DAK's Avatar), redo and expansion of other lands (MK's Fantasyland), and a complete park re-development (DHS & DTD), construction is a necessary evil.

    While I can see your point of view, but most people are glad that WDW is finally getting some much need love and attention.

  5. WDW had about 17 MILLION visitors last year.

    No offense, but the biggest impact your group of 22 has is if you all decide to parade around in a group blocking walkways and taking a half hour to order 'quick service' food because everyone keeps changing the order.

    That impact is on ME, and other guests, not Disney.

    In the end, if the attractions you like aren't open, don't go. If you are mad about construction of it "ruins the immersion blah blah blah" don't go. Simple.

    PS: construction went on at Disney parks long before the internet enabled everyone to see it and gripe about it every day! Just a thought..

  6. Anon,

    Aninmal Kingdom has had Avatar construction for almost two years (Lion King closed in the old theatre January 2014) and will have construction for another year and a half, given the scale of what is being built that isn't unreasonable. three and a half years construction for two rides and a huge immersive area to go along with them.

    Rivers of Light has been under construction for just over a year, so a total of two years again isn't too long really.

    This also means if you went for your annual trip in 2014 or 2015 you would have seen construction at Animal Kingdom.

    Hollywood Studios will start construction next year for Star Wars and Toy Story. Wilderness Lodge has just started construction and the Polynesian is just finishing construction.

    There will always be some work at DisneyWorld!

  7. I really don't understand when long time visitors gripe about construction. At what point was there NOT construction at the parks? My childhood memories of Disney are walls, walls, and more walls.

  8. Went at the end of September, and yes there was construciton going on but it does not impact on your enjoyment of the parks