After enjoying our weekly photo-updates, most of our Readers know that some portions of Magic Kingdom Park's central hub are still under construction as we speak. That being said, Guests visiting the park can already notice the beauty of the details that have been included in this much-needed expansion.
Trees, flowers, fountains, new railings, new themed signs... all of these features only improve the look and feel of one the busiest areas of the park. Take a look:

Let's begin by taking a look around the areas that are now open to all Guests:

The new west walkway takes shape behind the walls, near the entrance to Adventureland:

One of the two shelters that will include water fountains:

Digging a trench:

The walls bordering the new walkway:

Both castle ramps are being completely rebuilt:

The area seen from the opposite side of the castle:

A front view:

Work also continues on the new castle tower located on the west side of the hub (near Liberty Square):

The east tower:

More railings are being replaced next to a cart located on the Fantasyland bridge:

The former Rose Garden will continue to be behind walls for a while:

This area will feature plenty of new trees. Tomorrowland has even been obscured by them:

A look at the area from the Tomorrowland bridge:

This will be the entrance to the expanded walkway:

A peek behind the walls:

One of the trees by the Tomorrowland Terrace was removed:

Work continues to be done also around the new Main Street bypass:

How can one not love this fantasy-filled world?

Here is the full photo-gallery, which includes a few additional photos of the hub and the nearby areas:

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