SeaWorld Update: Dolphin Cove Reopens (PART 4)

Here we are, on part 4 of this new SeaWorld Orlando update. We invite you to check out PART 3 before proceeding (if you haven't already done so).
As you have noticed, plenty of work is being done in multiple areas of the park, while some minor projects were already completed just recently. We are now halfway through the park, so let's continue our visit by checking out the area surrounding the beautiful Sea Garden, Shamu's Happy Harbor, and more:

New trees and flowers have planted near one of the park's smaller ponds:

Some truly gorgeous gardens:

The Terrace BBQ reopened just a few months ago:

The new restaurant that was supposed to be built in this area is still nowhere to be found:

The arcade machines in the park's newest Starbucks location were out of order:

The demolition of the old midway games area of the park continues at a slow pace:

A peek above the walls:

Things are starting to get serious now:

A few more photos of the area taken from the pathway leading to the Shamu Stadium:

Some of the games are still mostly intact:

Shamu's Happy Harbor:

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