Islands of Adventure: Sindbad Show Closed (PART 1)

After focusing almost solely on the new King Kong themed area for the past few months, we can finally say that a few more projects are currently taking place inside Islands of Adventure. As you will see in this latest photo-report, work has begun in the former site of the Triceratops Discovery Trail. At the same time, The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad stunt show recently closed to be completely refurbished and updated. We will discuss about the details in the update.

Another great (yet overcast) day at Islands of Adventure:

No voyages for now:

The canopy over the Guest Services windows looks great. It might have been replaced:

Port of Entry:

The sign of the Lucky Monkey is not working (and missing a dice):

Seuss Landing:

Spring colors:

Heading to The Lost Continent:

Mythos could use a little attention. The facade looks a bit too dirty:

One of the facades of Sindbad's village is being repainted:

A closer look:

The Court of Miracles:

As previously mentioned, The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad is currently closed for refurbishment. According to some sources, work is being done on the theater itself and on the script of the show. While we absolutely loved the sets and the special effects featured in this stunt show, we do think that the old script was a little too simplistic. Hopefully the script of the new version will be greatly improved:

The show officially closed a few weeks ago and is currently scheduled to reopen on May 23, 2015.

A look around:

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