Hollywood Studios Update: Theater Rehabs (PART 1)

The gorgeous Chinese Theater continues to receive a lot of attention at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Indeed, the roof of the theater was recently refurbished and repainted (as you will see in the following photos), bringing back some details that were lost in the past due to less-than-stellar upkeep. Additionally, work also continues in the hub of the park, near Pixar Place, next to Disney Junior: Live on Stage!, and in a few other areas. Let's take a look around together:

Welcome to Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Mayhem on Hollywood Blvd.:

The Chinese Theater looked like this some days ago (more details were added in the past few days):

Work continues in the hub:

The new photo-op is currently used as a stroller parking:

Sunset Boulevard:

A new "Flex" theater will be built next to the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster. It is expected to be used solely for special events, as the other "flex" theater in the Streets of America is rumored to be slated for demolition:

Animation Courtyard:

Work on a new meet-and-greet area continues near the Disney Junior theater:

Let's take a look inside The Magic of Disney Animation:

A very small exhibit advertising the new Inside Out movie has been set up in the Production Gallery:

iPads have been installed in the room:


The always-busy Animation Academy:

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  1. It's amazing the amount of expansions that are taking place all over Walt Disney World. I've been following the construction updates at Animal Kingdom, as well as here at Hollywood Studios. I haven't been to Hollywood in a while now though, so all of these updates are new to me. I did see the sorcerer's hat be removed and the closing of American Idol and one other ride, but that is about it. I can't wait to get back to Hollywood studios to see more.


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