Disney Springs Update: First Amphicars Appear (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our newest Disney Springs photo-report. As always, we invite you to check out PART 1 of this update before proceeding.
In the previous part, we took a look around the areas surrounding the new multi-level parking garage, the new Pedestrian bridge, as well as the West Side and a section of The Landings. We'll now continue to take a look around The Landing (Alexander spotted some interesting, new vehicles) and the Marketplace:

The Hangar:

The Boathouse is nearing completion:

A porthole has been added to allow a glimpse at what is to come:

Take a peek at the new amphicars that will soon be available to Guests:

Morimoto Asia Construction:

Work taking place around the T-Rex Cafe:

In the Marketplace, work is taking place between the LEGO Imagination Center and the T-Rex Cafe:

Walls are up around Toy Story LEGO sculpture:

The Margarita Bar is looking to be nearing completion:

Marketplace pedestrian bridge construction:

World of Disney store expansion:

The recently-opened Marketplace Causeway:

Minor refurbishments around the Rainforest Cafe:

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PHOTOS BY: Alexander, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. I'm hoping when we go in october that some/most of the construction walls are down. I imagine they will be but I'm not counting on NOT seeing any

  2. not to bash your hopes but I think there will still be walls at DTD/Springs and the landing is being built from the ground up and it is just starting...


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