LEGOLAND Update: New Construction Projects (PART 1)

It has been a few months since we last visited the LEGOLAND Florida Resort, so we were not surprised to see that many new projects are starting to take shape in various lands of the park. In fact, similarly to the Universal Orlando Resort, LEGOLAND Florida is continuously expanding its attraction offerings, adding new rides and themed areas every year. This time, the park is also planning on opening a new hotels as well as new restaurants and shops.

NOTE: The photos in this update will be smaller than usual (we recently started posting larger images) due to the watermarking program that was used. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Let's begin by taking a look at the construction of the LEGOLAND Hotel:

While it is not visible in these photos, a LEGO dragon figure was installed above the hotel's entrance:

Notice the particulars:

Time to enter the park:

Experiences currently unavailable:

The Beginning:

New sign advertising Annual Pass offer:

As the sign at the entrance said, the LEGO Factory is still closed:

A peek inside reveals that the model of The Orlando Eye is stored inside the building:

You can also see the SEA LIFE Aquarium and Madame Tussauds models:

Nearby, walls are up in the former Fresh from Florida area:

Behind the walls:

The nearby shop already features LEGO Friends posters:

We are wondering if the existing LEGO Friends shop will be moved to the new area:

The outdoor dining area of the Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet received new tables and umbrellas:

Miniland U.S.A.:

The fountain near the Miniland area seems to be in worse shape now:

The plants that were covering the cement have been removed:

Windy evening at Pirate's Cove:

The old dining location selling burgers has been replaced by the Imagination pavilion:

The covered area is now separated into different sections:

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